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Fit Food Club is the perfect solution for me. Healthy, affordable and customisable meals, hassle free delivery and excellent service. I love being able to eat a home cooked meals for lunch, while being able to focus on my work without distractions.

Nick Dekker

First things first, I hope that your
business grows to the point where business is too much to handle, as I couldn’t
believe the deliciousness of the food! Even before tasting the food, the way
you delivered it, and the little touches and even ice packs in the Box, I
couldn’t believe it!


Delicious, healthy, fresh food everytime! And the brownies are on another level spectacular! You guys rock!

Pria Govinden

Your meals are amazing! This was my first order and i was skeptical to try at first but WOW, the meals are so filling and the food is sooooo tasty!

One would be highly mistaken not to try, thinking it would just be "fad distasteful diet" food. I cant wait to get the next one !

Celeste Petersen

Single persons answer to healthy food. Your meals are really great & fresh. I save loads of money as I don't throw stuff away that I've not used. Thanks a load. 

Michael Lawton

Hands down the best meal prep company I've dealt with. Thank you for the exceptional service and amazing quality meals. I highly recommend using FFC if you need meal prep done affordably

JG Collinson

I have tried many food prep companies and to date have not found a more consistent partner to prep my food.  Not only has their service been delivered in a professional manner but the quality and freshness of the food is second to none.  Each day my food is prepped according to my requirements and delivered straight to my door.  I could not have asked for a better “food prep family” Thank you team.

Rob Smith - WBFF Pro

Just received the first batch of meals! I’ve encountered many meal prep companies in my life, never have I seen such fresh, pristine meals! Love it!

De La Harpe

I have had 4 meals so far and each one is a treat. It freezes well and the volume is more than adequate and do not have to plump it up with extra rice.

Ian Ross



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