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Fit Food Club Journey

So how did it all begin? Let’s go back to where the idea SPARKED. A few years ago Lauren McWilliams, the founder of Fit Food Club was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. An autoimmune disease that reacts to the consumption of gluten. This triggers an immune response in the body, causing inflammation and damage to the small intestine.

As most people know who have a specific diet requirement, it can be very time-consuming, constricting and costly! Lauren knew that there had to be an easier and less stressful way of figuring out what she was going to be eating each day. The answer was simple, MEAL PREP.


Preparing a bunch of healthy and gluten-free meals and storing them away, meant waking up in the morning knowing you’ll be getting all your calories and nutrients in, without even thinking about it. Not to mention that you can ensure that they are all FREE from GLUTEN!

It only made sense to start sharing these meals with the rest of Cape Town! This is where the FIT FOOD CLUB was founded. Fresh produce and ingredients were sourced locally to create a wide variety of healthy, nutrient filled and DELICIOUS meals. Because we know from experience how specific one’s diet requirements can be, we decided we also wanted to offer CUSTOMISED meal plans. This is ideal for the fussy eater who feels like they can never find the perfect meal.

With a new meal created every month, we try to cater for ALL kinds of diets. Trying to gain, vegan, sweet tooth? We have something for each of you. We love to see our customers enjoying their foodie goods, so please TAG us on Instagram next time you receive yours!

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