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Curious About Calories

What are calories? The use of calories came about to measure the amount of energy that foods can provide you with. They are also useful for tracking your daily intake of kilojoules and can be an indication of how much you should or shouldn’t be eating of certain foods, especially if you have weight goals you’re trying to achieve.


So how many calories do you need? Our bodies need energy to operate - thinking, exercising, digesting food and everything else they do! The more energy you are going to exert, the more calories your body is going to need. If you are consuming a large amount of calories and not using that energy it is providing you with, your body may take it upon itself to store this energy for a rainy day. This stored energy is also known as fat.


So which foods should you be eating? Well that all depends on you and your goals at the end of the day. Foods such as nuts, milk, rice and red meats are all healthy yet HIGH-CALORIE foods. If you had to eat them in excess, they could cause you put on weight, which may be exactly what you want! However, if you’re looking to maintain your weight or perhaps lose some, you’ll want to minimize your intake of these foods and eat more LOW-CALORIE foods. These being things such as berries, eggs, popcorn, potatoes, apples and many more.


The last thing we feel that we need to cover are EMPTY calories. These come from foods that contain little-to-no nutrients. These would be things such as soda drinks, chocolate, sweets, chips, pastries and the list goes on... So with all the calories these foods take up in your diet, they bring just about nothing else to the party. They have very little vitamins or minerals, and therefore are almost a waste to eat.


If you would like to start tracking your daily calorie intake and get a rough indication/recommendation of how many calories you should be consuming, click here to see a list of 5 best calorie counting apps and websites.

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